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The Simplest And Fastest Way To Succeed As A Coach and Consultant

"Finally, You Can Now Transform Your Years of Expertise Into A Highly Profitable Business, Now Fortified With Advanced Business Strategies For A Post-Pandemic World."

Are You an Expert looking to Unlock the

Full Potential of Your Knowledge and Experience?

Do You Dream of a Fulfilling Career as a High-Impact Coach or Consultant,

Building a Profitable Business that Empowers Others with Your Wisdom?

Here's Why You Should Keep Reading This Invitation...

You see, in the post-pandemic world, the need for experts  and experienced professionals like you to embrace the world of coaching and consulting has never been more critical and promising. In fact, in today's intricate and ever-changing world, coaching and consulting aren't merely a choice; it's a calling…

The global landscape has undergone a seismic shift, leaving individuals and businesses seeking guidance, support, and transformative solutions like never before. 

Coaching and consulting skills are your ticket to not only realizing your own potential but also enabling others to achieve greatness. As an expert, your unique insight and experience are invaluable. Embrace the power of coaching and consulting and become the guiding light that leads individuals to their own extraordinary success. The world needs your expertise in this transformative role.

Understand Why You Should Embark On Your Journey Of Coaching And Consulting Today:

Coaching and Consulting Are the Undeniable Calling for Experts Like You Looking To Make a Profound Impact on Others. Here are 7 Reasons You to Embark on this Path:

  • Personalized Empowerment: As an expert, your knowledge is a treasure trove, and coaching and consulting  lets you channel it into personalized guidance. You'll help individuals address their unique challenges, dreams, and goals, empowering them to unlock their full potential in your area of expertise.

  • ​Accountability that Drives Success: Experts like you  bring exceptional dedication and discipline, and as a coach and Consultant , you'll instill these traits in your clients. Your role as a mentor and point of accountability will be the driving force behind their progress and success.

  • Transfer Your Years of Expertise: Coaching and consulting  allow you to share your expertise effectively. Whether it's in leadership, investing, performance improvement, or navigating life's complexities, you'll equip your clients with practical strategies and techniques to excel in their fields and endeavors.

  • Self-Discovery Catalyst: Your guidance will be a beacon for self-reflection and self-discovery. Through high Impact coaching, you’ll help individuals to unearth their strengths, values, and passions, ultimately helping them to lead more fulfilling lives under your mentorship.

  • Resilience and Adaptability Mastery: In a world of perpetual change, your coaching  and consulting skills will instill resilience and adaptability in your clients. Your clients will learn to not only weather challenges but also leverage them as opportunities for growth and transformation.

  • Career Acceleration: As an expert-turned-coach and consultant, you can fast-track career growth for your clients. Your guidance will help them define clear objectives, develop success strategies, and optimize job satisfaction, ultimately propelling their careers forward.

  • Lifelong Impact: Coaching is not just a profession; it's a lifelong mission. By embracing coaching, you cultivate a growth mindset that encourages continuous learning and personal development. Your influence will remain relevant and transformative throughout your journey.

And that’s not all…

When You Learn To Create and Sell Coaching and Consulting Services, Everything You Want Or Imagine Can Be Yours...

When You Become a Coach and Consultant in the Next 90 days or Less, You Get To Enjoy the Prevailing…

  • High Demand for Expertise: As the world grapples with unprecedented challenges and uncertainties, expertise is at a premium. Experts like you become a beacon of hope for individuals and organizations in search of guidance and direction.

  • Remote Opportunities: The digital age has made remote coaching and consulting more accessible than ever. This means that you can share your knowledge and experience with clients from around the world, giving you the potential to create a global impact and income.

  • Financial Freedom: Coaching and consulting can be highly lucrative if done right. You can leverage your years of experience and expertise to create a profitable business that provides both financial security and personal fulfillment.

  • Fulfilling Purpose: There's immense satisfaction in empowering others with your wisdom and expertise. Coaching and consulting allow you to witness the positive transformations you facilitate, making your work deeply meaningful.

  • Momentum for Change: The post-pandemic world is marked by constant change and uncertainty. As a coach or consultant, you learn to navigate these shifts, helping your clients thrive and adapt alongside you.

Now Is Your Time..., Don't Wait On The Fence Any Longer... 

Join our High Impact Coach- Consultant™ Program today and...

Be Part of a Global community of Experts turned Transformational Coaches and Consultants. 

Your expertise is needed now more than ever, and there's no better time to embark on this rewarding journey of impact, financial success, and personal growth. 

The world is waiting for you to make a difference – seize this opportunity and step into your new, fulfilling career just like these 3 clients' whose transformational stories we'd like to share with you.

The Lives and Business of these 3 Professionals Have been Positively Impacted

Because of the Very Same Skill Sets You’ll Learn in this Program,...

Before learning these skill sets, Coach Murielle struggled to make ends meet as a Relationship Coach… But, shortly after going through this transformational program where she learnt the same exact skills we’ll teach you, her confidence soared and she doubled her prices and this transformed her life… Today she lives a life of joy and abundance with her family…in dream country for her self and her family...

Our next client, Consultant Yon Valverde, a B2B consultant, after learning the skills you will learn shortly in our specially designed program, quickly expanded his consulting business and increased his ticket size substantially and tripled his business income… he is on track to hit a high 6 figure  income.

Today we'd like to invite you to join them.

Another Coaching client, Coach Claudio Allavena, a Sales Coach realized he was in the wrong niche. After working with us, he discovered his true calling and embarked on a journey of transition. Recently he relaunched himself as an education coach and is now transforming lives in Italy and Czech Republic in the world of higher education. He is a true come around success story!....


The reason our High Impact Coach- Consultant™ program gets such great results for our clients  and experts like you is because… it's different from other training programs you’ve ever taken.  

That's because, unlike most courses you’ve invested in for yourself … 

The High Impact Coach- Consultant™ program is designed to bridge the Gap Between Information and Results… Or What We Call: The “Knowledge - Skill Gap”   

What does this mean?   

In simple terms, we believe in the 3 Cs as core program essentials to master any new skill:  

Coaching, Community, and Consistency

If you’ve ever bought a training program that didn't work for you … it’s probably because one or more of these elements were missing.  

Which means… you probably learned a lot about various topics such as coaching or consulting… but you never got the results you were looking for.  

That’s because results come from “doing” not “learning”.  

The thing is... most courses don't give you the opportunity to practice the new skills you are developing in a safe environment with the feedback you need to master the new skills, with dedicated coaching and mentoring.

And that's not all... many of the courses have not even built in strategies to ensure that you are hitting your “learning” and "practice” goals consistently over time!

They literally leave you on your own! They don’t hold your hand while you actually DO it. In essence, you are on your own without a community to support you through the process of growth.

Knowing these shortcomings, we designed our program differently with you in mind!

And that’s why our High Impact Coach- Consultant™ program emphasizes doing over learning...  

We help you bridge the “learning/doing gap” in three PROVEN ways:

  • We’ll Coach and Mentor you: You'll have access to 3 experts. Dr. Gerald Amandu and Coach Shilpa Joshi and High Ticket Expert Eric Buechli, will work with you throughout the 90 days of your program. We'll help you master the core skills you need to build your dream high ticket business.

  • We'll plug you into a Community: You'll be added to an exclusive community of like-minded coaches and consultants (from around the world) who will support you, role play with you, and celebrate your wins as you move through the 90-day program and beyond.

  • We'll take you through our world-class Curriculum: We'll take you through our Signature 9-Module High Impact Coach-Consultant™ Curriculum where we'll show you the secrets into the thinking and behaviors of successful high ticket coaches and consultants.

It's like getting a Masters Degree in Coaching and Consulting Entrepreneurship...


When you combine the 3 Cs of Coaching, Community, and Consistency you will quickly MASTER the key lessons, strategies, and skills that will transform you into a High Impact Coach and Consultant Entrepreneur... so you can finally create the life and business you've always wanted.

Let me assure you…

The 3 Cs - Coaching, Community, and Consistency model of training works...

  • It works, even if you're completely new to coaching, consulting and high ticket business...

  • It works, regardless of where you live in the world... we've got students from around the world...

  • It works, no matter what products or services you sell...our students sell everything from luxury products to coaching and consulting services to personal training...

And it works FAST - the transformation you’re looking for can literally happen in 90 days or less…


Great question.

Here's the answer:

It Doesn't Matter If You Are New To Coaching or Consulting or even Business, With Our High Impact Coach-Consultant™ Program...

  • You’ll discover counterintuitive ways to master your inner self and have clarity on what direction you want to take your business to the next level ( and you’ll do it without feeling overwhelmed).

  • You’ll develop the winning High Impact Coach-Consultant™ attitude that is critical for your success (Mindset is critical to entrepreneurship. Without the right psychology your skills won't matter. The curriculum, your coaches and community will help you develop a winning attitude as a High Ticket Coach and Consultant).

  • You’ll break through any limitations and dominate your niche, and this you'll do with ease... and you'll become the go to expert in your area.

  • You’ll develop high ticket products and services that your clients are ready to buy, ( and this will help you scale fast) as we mentor you throughout within the 90 days.

  • You’ll almost immediately start bundling your offer into a package that prospects can’t say no to. We'll teach you the psychology behind the purchase of an offer and how to use it to your advantage.

  • You’ll learn to sell your high ticket offer without being pushy or sleazy – in fact, most of the time you’ll just ask a series of questions that we'll teach you.. and people will actually “ask” to buy (without you needing to to push them).

  • You’ll start to feel unstoppable and actively seek out more opportunities to sell your products and services (without feeling like you are twisting people's arms)

  • You’ll learn Advanced Business Secrets of World Class Coaches and Consultants.

Just think, with this new skills sets, you'll...

  • Improve the way you operate in all areas of your life - even if you are a beginner...

  • Sell more than your competitors, at higher prices, with less leads, and greater ease...

  • Double, even triple your profits without sacrificing your integrity or feeling burnt out...

  • ​​Enjoy the freedom, the luxuries, your new High Ticket Entrepreneur lifestyle offers you...

Plus much more...

Introducing The 9-Module Program

Tailor-Made For You.

Here's Everything You'll Get To Become

A High Impact Coach- Consultant In the Next 90-Days!

Module 1 : Inner Self Mastery -

Self Re-Discovery Boot Camp

In this transformative module, we'll dive deep into your inner self to unearth your true potential.

You'll discover your unique strengths, passions, and values that will serve as your foundation for success in the coaching and consulting world.

Module 2 : Developing Your High-Ticket Mindset and Persona

Learn how to adopt the mindset of high achievers and cultivate the charisma and confidence needed to attract high-ticket clients.

Unleash the powerful persona that will set you apart as an authority in your niche.

Module 3 : Solving High-Ticket Niche Puzzle Like a Pro

Identifying your high-ticket niche is crucial. We'll guide you through the process of pinpointing your ideal clients, their challenges, and how you can offer real solutions that command premium prices.

Module 4 : Creating High Ticket Products that Self Effortlessly

Discover the secrets to developing high-ticket products and services that practically sell themselves. We'll teach you how to leverage your expertise to create offerings that clients can't resist.

Module 5 : Crafting Irresistible Offers that People Want

Master the art of crafting offers that speak to your clients' deepest desires and needs.

Your irresistible offers will draw them in, making your services irresistible.

Module 6 : Mastering the Art and Science of High-Ticket Sales

Get ready to refine your sales skills to close high-ticket deals with ease.

Learn the psychological triggers and techniques that lead to successful, high-value transactions.

Module 7 : High Impact Coaching: Coach Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime

Unlock the keys to effective coaching. Whether you're working one-on-one or in group settings, you'll learn to inspire and guide your clients towards remarkable transformations.

Module 8 : High Impact Consulting: Secrets that Amplify Client Results

Gain insights into the secrets of high-impact consulting that will amplify your clients' results.

Discover the tools and strategies that set you apart as a consultant who truly makes a difference.

Module 9 : Secrets for Building a Profitable Coaching-Consulting Business

You've got the skills, now it's time to turn them into a thriving coaching-consulting business.

We'll reveal the strategies to attract clients, manage your business, and maximize your profits.

Now is the time to invest in your future by acquiring coaching and consulting skills.

It's a strategic move that not only enhances your career prospects but also offers a fulfilling path to leverage your expertise for the greater good.

Don't miss this chance to unlock new possibilities and reach your full potential as a skilled professional.

Join us on this exciting journey and become a High Impact Coach and Consultant who not only transforms lives but also builds a profitable business in just 90 days.

Say goodbye to unfulfilling careers and hello to a future of making a real impact while enjoying the financial rewards that come with it.

Enroll Today And Take Your First Step Towards Creating

A Brighter, More Fulfilling Future For Yourself!

Plus, You Also Get Our "Iron Clad" Program Support...

Which Includes...

The Triple Accountability Program

(Value $1,200)

You will receive robust support designed to enhance your chances of success through three key components:

A. Mentoring: You'll receive direct mentorship and coaching from Dr. Gerald and Coach Shilpa. We'll provide you the needed content, guidance, expertise advice, and motivation to stay on tract with your goals.

B. Success Advisor: Besides coaching, our High Ticket Expert Eric will be your Success Advisor. He will play a

complementary role to ensure you are following the roadmap we've designed for you by offering you practical tips and strategies to help guide you towards success.

C. Peer Accountability: We'll also assign you an Accountability Partner who will hold you accountable as you master each module, actively engaging in role plays and practice exercises. Every day, you'll share your progress, challenges, and feedback 10 minutes session. This is a tested way to keep you committed to becoming a highly successful coach and consultant.

Exclusive Access to Underground Platform, 24/7

(Value $800)

This is a safe and supportive environment where you’ll put what you learn into practice alongside students enrolled in the High Impact Coach- Consultant Certification ™ program.

In this platform, you get to practice various skills with fellow students from around the world at a time zone that suits you.

Imagine how quickly you'll master the essentials skills required to become a High Impact Coach-Consultant.™

Exclusive Access To The HIC™ Private Members Group

(Value $600)

In our private members group of fellow coaches and consultants, you’ll feel more inspired, motivated, and UNSTOPPABLE as you master essential elements of how to be a successful Coach or Consultant.

In this safe place, you'll get to interact with like-minded people who are on the same journey as you are.

Here's where you can post questions in between classes and share your success stories so we celebrate your wins.

You Also Get These Incredible “Fast-Action” Bonuses Worth $1,994.00 When You Enroll Now

Bonus #1:

The 6 Steps To 6 Figure Offer Formula™

ImpactValley's Proven Model To Quickly And Easily Get To 6 Figures and Beyond...

This formula unveils the secrets to crafting high-impact, high-earning offers.

Here's your chance to learn the precise steps, strategies, and techniques to create compelling and profitable offers, elevating your entrepreneurial journey to the next level. With this invaluable bonus, you'll be well on your way to achieving six-figure success and beyond in just 90 days or less!

This "Formula™" will give you the proven model to make sure you succeed and learn to craft compelling offers that are not only compelling but keep your clients asking for more!

Total Value: $997.00

Bonus #2:

The 30-Day Leadership Essentials™ Program

Our intensive 30-Day Leadership Essentials™ Program will accelerate your entrepreneurial journey. This program is your fast-track to honing essential leadership skills among them effective communication, strategic decision-making, team empowerment, and much more...

Through dynamic lessons, real-world case studies, and hands-on exercises, you'll gain the knowledge and confidence to lead your business to success. In just 30 days, you'll become a more influential, and inspiring leader, ready to drive your entrepreneurial vision forward.

You’ll become a better leader - FASTER and your business will grow right before your eyes.

Total Value: $997.00

Bonus #3:

Recording of Actual Client Onboarding Calls

With the permission of our clients, these calls were recorded to capture the various key moments during real client on boarding calls. This is the same technique you'll learn in our High Impact Coach-Consultant Certification ™ program.

These calls will inspire you and show you what’s possible. You’ll hear how to seamlessly onboard your clients and set your high ticket clients on the right path.

These real sales conversations, will give you a deeper insights into how to onboard your clients.

Total Value: Priceless

Bonus #4:

Simulation Of Coaching and Consulting Sessions

At the end of the 90 days of your mentorship with us, you will have the chance to perform actual coaching and consulting sessions in a simulated environment as you put the High Impact Coaching™ Methodology to real life test with us and your fellow students.

You'll notice that these sessions hold immense significance for you and other new coaches and consultants as it provides a controlled and supportive environment for you and them to hone your new coaching and consulting skills, build confidence, and refine your professional approach

This simulated coaching and consulting sessions offer a unique blend of experiential learning, skill development, and confidence building, and these'll prepare you to navigate the complexities of real-world client interactions with competence and professionalism.

These simulated sessions will inspire you and show you what’s possible with your new skill sets!

You’ll grasp coaching and consulting skills FASTER and EASIER.

Total Value: Priceless

Need Help? Email us at connect@theimpactvalley.com


Secure Checkout

High Impact Coach-Consultant™ Certification Program

Here's what you'll get:

  • Live Virtual 90-Day High Impact Coach-Consultant™ Curriculum and Direct mentorship With Dr. Gerald & Coach Shilpa (Value: $13,000)

    You’ll be mentored personally through the 9 power-packed modules of the High Impact Coach-Consultant™ curriculum. You’ll discover proven strategies to operate as a coach and consultant in the high ticket space.

  • Iron Clad Triple Accountability Program (Value: $1,200)

    You'll receive rock solid support from your Mentors, Success Advisor and fellow Coaches and Consultants.

  • Exclusive Access to Underground Platform, 24/7 (Value: $800)

    Practice and master coaching, consulting and closing related skills with fellow students from around the world at whatever time zone suits you.

  • Exclusive Access To The Private Members Group (Value: $600)

    Get to interact with like-minded people who are on the same journey as you are.

    and post questions in between classes.

Plus, You Also Get 4 Other Bonuses...

  • The 6 Steps To 6 Figure Offer Formula™ ( Value: $997)

    This "Formula™" will give you the proven roadmap to craft compelling offers that are not only compelling but keep your clients asking for more!

  • ​​​​​​The 30-Day Leadership Essentials™ Program (Value: $997)

    Learn to become a more influential, and inspiring leader, ready to drive your entrepreneurial vision forward.

  • Recording of Actual Client Onboarding Calls (Value: Priceless)

    Listen to actual onboarding sessions using the High Impact Coaching™ Methodology and gain the skills too.

  • Simulation of Actual Coaching and Consulting Sessions (Value: Priceless)

    You get to practice LIVE with your mentors, your Success Advisor and other coaches and consultants how to conduct an actual coaching and consulting session during these calls.

And, You'll Also Get...

  • High Impact Coach-Consultant® Certificate (Value: $100)

    Upon successfully completing this program, you'll receive a digital version of your certificate for you to proudly display in your office, on your website or even on your social media pages.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have a guarantee that this will work for me and make me become successful?

Yes! Like other learnable skills, High Impact Coaching and Consulting is a skill. And like any skill, you can master it.

But to master the vital skills of high impact coaching and consulting you need a program.  You need someone to guide you and teach you what you don’t know. And you need someone to hold you accountable or, chances are, you’ll abandon the program before you get the necessary skills and master the priceless lessons.

That’s why we have direct live sessions with you, besides setting you up with a success advisor and an accountability partner to make sure you finish the program and master the various skill of coaching, consulting and entrepreneurship.  

No one else does this. No one else gives this level of training and this type of hands-on help.   That’s why if you put in the work, you’ll get the results.

So… I truly believe if you follow the steps, work with us your mentors, your Success Advisor , participate in the community, and implement the content we cover in the curriculum you WILL become a successful high impact coach and consultant.

But ultimately, you need to make the effort.

If so, why not join our program now?

Why Do I Need Mentors, Success Advisor and Accountability Partner? Why can't I learn on my own?

Great question. But let me ask you this: What brought you to this page? My guess is you are not happy with your career. You like most people might feel stuck and would like to use your years of experience and expertise to built a profitable business.

This means there is a skill gap. Our combined years of over 50 years in corporate world, coaching and higher education makes us conclude that learning needs to be supported especially where people need to be transformed. That's why you need us as mentors to deliver you the curriculum content, while the success advisor will ensure that you are on track and the accountability partner will help you to remain engaged and role play regularly to ensure you master key skills in the program.

And that’s why our triple iron clad accountability system ensures that you succeed..

If you agree, why not join the High Impact Coach- Consultant ™ Program now?

How is the High Impact Coach-Consultant ™ Program different from other “Coach or Consultant Training" programs?

There are 4 ways we are different.

First, most standard training programs are based on techniques that worked 10 or 20 years ago but don’t work today. The old way is based on pushing the prospect to buy your product with questions that force them into a corner where they feel they cannot say no. The problem with those traditional techniques is they make the prospect feel manipulated, so they don’t buy. Or they buy then cancel. That’s not the end result we are after; we want client that say with us and so do you…

Second, most programs are based on creating a product and pushing it onto everyone in your contacts. If you think that that is the right way to go, do so at your own risk. We know how to proceed once you have your product.

Third, speaking of your product, most courses out there teach you how to create low end products that are cheap, relying on you to sell to hundreds or even thousands of people, which is borderline insanity. We prefer to operate on high ticket landscape where you don’t need many clients to earn decent income…

Fourth, you need to know how to package your packages into offers that are a no brainer. In our experience, this is the most difficult part… but we have discovered how to make your offer irresistible…

In essence, this program is designed to teach you how to identify your strengths, identify your niche and sell premium products or services to the customer base willing to invest more in exchange for higher quality or exclusive benefits. This will enable you to enjoy higher profit margins on each sale, which compensates for a smaller customer base. A key aspect of this certification program is that it will show you how to employ personalized, consultative sales approaches and invest in building strong relationships with clients.

If you want to create a high impact coaching and consulting practice, why not join the High Impact Coach-Consultant ™ Program?

I’ve bought many courses and programs. A lot of them made promises but didn’t deliver. Why will this be different?

Great question. The fact is, we have testimonials from happy graduates whose lives have changed as a direct result of the techniques that you will learn in the High Impact Coach-Consultant Certification™ Program.

A key difference you will notice straight away is that we that besides our world class curriculum, you'll also get direct access to two mentors, Dr. Gerald Amandu, a High Ticket Business and Leadership Transformation Coach, and Coach Shilpa Joshi, a High Ticket Expert and Holistic Coach, LIVE for 90 days of the ENTIRE program!

And that's not all, you also get additional support that you won’t find in other programs… (3 points actually) ...

You get a dedicated Success Advisor, Eric Buechli, a High Ticket Expert, who will work one on one with you for the entire 90 days as you complete the curriculum under the guidance of your two mentors. Your Success Advisor will keep you focused ensuring that you hit all the key milestones in the program.

You get Exclusive Access to a Private Community of like minded people who like you are also pursuing the same goal of becoming a High Impact Coach-Consultant. This community will make you feel at home and will support, encourage and motivate you to accelerate your journey of transformation in to a world class Coach and Consultant.

• You get all the untold secrets of the High Ticket Coaching and Consulting business included in our world class curriculum which we deliver LIVE where we literally tell you everything we know about high ticket business... principles, strategies, techniques, mindset...nothing is held back!

All this is designed to make sure that our program is radically different from others that let you down in the past.

Have I answered your question? If yes, why not jump on board and start your journey to becoming a High Impact Coach-Consultant™ now?

I'm not sure I can afford this right now in a single payment of $2,997!

We understand that affordability is a concern. We offer flexible payment options, including installment payment plans which can make our high-ticket offering more manageable for you.

It's about making this investment fit your budget. When you choose the monthly option you have up to 3 months to pay your fees for the program.

Now that you know that you could pay for this program in 3 monthly instalments, why not click the “buy button” on this page and commit to transforming into a High Impact Coach-Consultant™ now.

I tried to sell my services for higher prices but have not been successful in the past. Will this help me?

This is a genuine question. If you have experienced difficulty in charging your worth or selling at premium price before, we understand. But don't be. Here’s why. We'll teach you the specific skills required to sell your services at premium price.

As your mentor and coach, we'll help you overcome those obstacles that stop experts like you to sell at premium range.

Just look at all the testimonials on this page. All these people can't be wrong. The program works if you follow it. Why not join now?

You said the program will be LIVE. Can I go back and review the program anytime?

The answer is a resounding "Yes".

When you attend each module with us, LIVE, our team will process the recording and make it available to you in a few days. You will have complete, life-time access to the session recordings . You can review these anytime in your members area in the ImpactValley Learning Management System.

Now that I have answered your questions, I look forward to knowing you more inside the program.

Being in High Impact Coach- Consultant ™ Program is all about action. Look at how people just like you are transforming their Lives!

Here's More of What You Can Expect to Experience with Your Mentors Coach Shilpa and Coach Gerald!

Hey Coach Shilpa, I just want to give you an update on my progressions. I finally hit my M-T-O goals since I’ve been on this journey with you and your guidance. Since the last two months, I am consistently hitting my financial targets with 5 figures income! Also, I just want to thank you again for your superb coaching sessions to lead the professionals to next-level success! You are such an Amazing Coach and I am grateful to You and I Appreciate your efforts and suitable solutions!


It was nice to have words with Shilpa ma’am, she took a lot of effort and patience to understand my problem and describe the same easily in one sentence with valuable advice. What I like most about her session is that she understands my problem and emphasis changing me to come out of the recurring event. She suggested that switching job, again and again, is not a solution first I would like to work on myself to be clear about what I’m looking for before finding the right opportunity.


It's been a great pleasure and an opportunity to learn the skills of right closing in unique manner by Shilpa ma'am.Under her guidance and innovative ideas in handling objections were very useful and thus strengthening the SHA infotech in manifold ways.

I really appreciate her as a patient person which makes other to learn comfortably the skills a person should actually have while closing. Once again a big thank to her for her guidance and sincere efforts which she had tried to put in our whole team of SHA.

Avneet k

I would recommend Gerald to anyone who wants to find the best version of himself as a professional and personal coach. I had Gerald as my coach for the last two years to help me get back on track with my business. He did this by helping me understand what my goals were and how he could help me achieve them. His approach was very professional, in that he listened carefully to what I had to say before offering his own thoughts or opinion. He also offered some very practical tips and strategies for me to use in my business. I found his approach refreshingly different from other coaches out there as he was not trying to sell me anything or push me into buying anything. He just wanted to help me find what would work best for me.

Afshin Sajedi

CEO | Holiday Luxury

I love to share with you my experience with HT Coach Gerald Amandu. Coach Gerald is really a fun and awesome coach… he always has this high energy that I really love. Everytime I have a meeting with him, it gives me high energy! Coach Gerald really helped me a lot and went outside of my comfort zone... again and again. “Read a book at least twice”, “ Go through the modules multiple times”... he would say. I am so grateful that I listened to him. I will stay committed, coachable, resourceful and keep taking action. Thank you Coach Gerald.

Maurice Mertjoe

High Ticket Expert

I have just finished Module One. My Aha moments are having the right mindset, having high energy, and faith in my capability will attract success. I am more resolute in my determination to succeed more than ever. This is just the first module and I am already experiencing tremendous effects. What could the other modules be like!!! I am excited for the coaching of Gerald Amandu. My first encounter with him was very amazing. Very little time but lots of value. I am now working on my vision board. This is probably the best investment I have made for myself . I’m so thankful Dr. Gerald Amandu - Your Success Partner

Barbra Tabasan

Entrepreneur, Philippines

"Since the start of corona, I'm always blessed by a personal trainer. I feel like I've grown another one today. Got so caught up in one thing, Sometimes you can't see the whole thing. We need to do it on the business, not in the business. Thanks, my coach!"

Liping Feng

Entrepreneur, Japan

Nathan Tochilnikov


"I have spoken to Gerald Amandu once on zoom and he has left me with a life long valuable impression. I know you have come to a great place!"

"I have to say he is such an incredibly talented, amazing coach. He really helped me to become a better closer. I am very grateful to have worked with him during today’s challenging business climate and highly recommend his services to anyone who is looking to transform their career or business."

Annie Chen

High Ticket Expert, Hong Kong

Rafael Raposo

CEO, Nessparts, Dominican Republic

"Because of Coach Gerald's advise, our company (Ness Quality Parts) is not anymore a local company. We have expanded to a new market in another island and also to Central America. Our sales is also performing better, thank you Gerald and I hope we continue working together."

"Coach Shilpa's guidance has been transformative, providing clarity and a strategic approach to my goals. Her ability to dissect complex problems, create a clear vision, and implement data-driven strategies has elevated my business and personal life. Coach Shilpa's expertise is unparalleled, making her an essential partner for anyone aiming to reach their full potential."

Himanshu Brahme

Business Consultant, India

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